Our Story: Meet Six Branch

Focused on quality craftsmanship and unmatched customer care, Justin Jones and Thomas Brown dreamed of opening a bespoke cabinetry company to serve the Mid-Missouri area.

Backed with technical skill and a desire to push the limits of cabinetry design in the area, the pair opened the doors of Six Branch Custom Woodworking in September of 2018. Their mission was not to be the largest manufacturer of custom cabinetry, but rather to be the most sought after through their hard work, customer care and unmistakable craftsmanship.

Since 2018, Six Branch has been honored to supply custom cabinetry and woodwork for some of the most exquisite homes in Missouri, with a repeat client rate of over 95%.

Justin and Thomas have proven to be the perfect pairing, and with designer Jordan as well, Six Branch knows no limits in regards to size of the job, style of the design, or intricacy of the construction.

Thomas Brown, Co-Owner, and his wife, Britlyn, with their three children. The Brown Family currently resides in Centralia, Missouri.

Jordan takes the time to consult with each client, learning about their project and exactly what they are looking for. Her expertise doesn’t end with Interior Design, however, as she also draws all of the cabinetry designs, ensuring that every layout is optimized and every design is exactly as the homeowner dreamed it would be.

Justin Jones, Co-Owner, and his wife, Jordan Jones, Designer, with their three children. The Jones Family currently resides in Columbia, Missouri.

Justin is the in-house head of carpentry. He works to make all of Jordan’s plans buildable in a manner that complies with Six Branch’s expectations of quality and durability. Thomas then comes in to lead the technical aspect of production, overseeing the fabrication of the products.

Since 2018, the company has grown to eight full-time employees – and a couple shop dogs here and there 😉

Six Branch is proud to employ craftsmen that work hard day in & day out, and are genuinely passionate about their craft. As a company, the entire team lives out the values of hard work, integrity and continuous learning each and every day.

If you are seeking custom cabinetry for your Mid-Missouri home, or a creative woodworking build, contact Six Branch for a free consultation here.

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